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At North Park Veterinary Hospital, we are a full-service, family-oriented veterinary practice. We are dedicated to handling the oral care of your beloved pets with a comprehensive approach, leveraging our in-house technology and years of experience. Our team can offer thorough cat and dog dental cleanings and careful extractions so your furry family member can enjoy a life free from tooth pain and discomfort.

Tending to your pet's oral health is rarely as simple as just brushing their teeth. Our practice is equipped with capable tools, and our team has a calm bedside manner to keep your pets feeling safe and secure during all procedures. We are devoted to providing efficient dental services delivered in a relaxed environment. Contact our vet dentists today, and we can offer a free consultation!


Why Should I Bring My Pet to a Vet Dentist?

All pet owners know that dogs and cats are curious creatures who sometimes have a loose understanding of what is considered food. Pets enjoy putting various objects into their mouths, where bacteria can grow. It's estimated that a majority of pets will show the beginning stages of periodontal diseases by age 3. Studies also indicate that pets with good oral health tend to live 2-4 years longer than animals with neglected oral hygiene.

Periodontal disease is preventable, but left untreated, it can lead to cardiac disease, kidney and liver infection, or stroke. Our vet dentists in Brampton will run the proper exams and treatments to determine if your beloved pets are in good oral health and how to get them to where they need to be.

Our Comprehensive Dental Services

Our practice is equipped with technological capabilities to get the job done with maximum comfort and at a convenient pace. We project a calm demeanor so your pet can relax in our friendly environment as we run routine bloodwork and other diagnostics. Our attentive team will carefully review their mouth, teeth, and gums, working to uncover the root of their oral issue and to ensure your pet is healthy enough to undergo our dental procedures.

After discussing your options, we will schedule a date for the procedure to begin, where we will use digital x-rays to view your pet's entire oral structure. This helps us devise an effective and efficient treatment plan. We will inform you every step of the way regarding our procedural steps, materials used, and any aftercare tips. After the procedure, we will send your pet home with pain medication and antibiotics if an extraction is performed.

Our reliable dental care includes:

  • Oral Exam
  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Scaling
  • Tooth Extractions
  • Periodontal Preventive Services

Vet Dental Cleaning Services FAQs

When your cat or dog is sick, experiencing pain, or just has some very bad breath, you have questions, and we can provide the answers. Some frequently asked questions regarding pet dental services include:

How do I know if my dog or cat needs to have their teeth cleaned?

Tartar and plaque will start to build noticeably in your pet's mouth. Our vet dentist will evaluate their oral health and add our findings to an ongoing record tracking their progress, helping us determine when they are due for a cleaning. Generally, a cleaning or exam once per year is recommended, but that can change based on the state of your pet's oral health.

In the short term, yes. Our professional dental cleanings can make a huge difference in improving your dog's breath, but it's not a permanent cure. Odor-causing plaque and tartar will continue to build on the teeth without regular brushing. Tooth brushing and water additives can be preventive measures in keeping your dog's breath smelling decent for longer.

Between our recommended yearly dental appointments, it's a good idea to maintain your pet's dental health using simple practices. Some easy home oral hygiene tips include:

  • Brushing your pet's teeth even once per week can significantly reduce tartar buildup.
  • Dry pet food is better for their teeth than canned wet food. The dry food causes abrasions to tooth surfaces when chewed, helping to remove the buildup of tartar.
  • Giving your pet a rawhide chew can help in the fight against tartar.
  • Many toys on the market can help clean your pet's teeth and promote good dental health.

A Trusted Group of Vet Dentists in Brampton

At North Park Veterinary Hospital, we know your pets can suffer from the same dental issues as humans, such as gingivitis, periodontal disease, and nagging teeth needing extractions. Our animal-loving team has the passion and expertise to handle your dog or cat's dental needs with the care, respect, and precision they deserve.

Our vet dentists in Brampton are skilled and ready to provide your cats and dogs with a clean bill of oral health and fresh breath they can carry with them for years to come. Contact us today, and we can offer a free dental consultation!


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